What do you do? That’s a hard question. I am the best Cliff Beach I can be. What is Cliff Beach? A stellar singer, songwriter and keyboard player who has his own funk project called “The Cliff Beach Experience”, a lead/background singer for the Tropical Rock band “Noble Creatures” and background singer/keys for “Jennifer Knight”. I am also 1/7 of CTO Productions, a collection of artists producing live shows in LA. When not doing music I am an avid reader, I spend time watching tv, going to church, volunteering and hopefully sleeping. I enjoy cooking but don’t do it often.

Sum up L.A. in 3 words or less: Challenging, Sunny (Mostly)!

Give me your life status in less than 140 characters: I strive each day to try and help others. The world needs more people concerned with others than themselves. I do this through music and through being there for my friends and family.

Where can we find you? Facebook.com/cliffbeachmusic or at your local tavern LOL!

Cliff is not only talented and brings a very cool, unique style of music to the L.A. scene, he is a hard worker and loves to collab0rate with others to bring something fresh to the table. Chhheck his stuff out, people and live the Cliff Beach Experience!


Lauren Cullen

What do you do? I design print and web projects, including websites, posters, packaging, advertisements, logos, illustrations, and more. In addition, I also enjoy writing articles, painting, photography/digital imaging, and playing guitar/bass.

Sum up L.A. in 3 words or less: Home

Give me your life status in less than 140 characters: A graphic designer loving living in Santa Monica, creating art and music!

Where can we find you?

Website: http://www.laurencullen.comFacebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/LaurenCullenGraphicDesignExaminer.com Articles: http://www.examiner.com/graphic-design-in-los-angeles/lauren-cullen

I checked out Lauren’s art on her website, which included flyers, CD designs, photography, drawings, etc. I have to say, it is ALL amazing. Lauren is truly talented and I am SUPER excited to have ran across her art. Check her stuff out for your next project! WOW.

Derek Jordan

What do you do? Bite zombies. Hot wire robots. Pair mismatched pieces. Try to make sense of it all. Oh yea, and play music.

Sum up L.A. in 3 words or less: Artistic transplant zion

Give me your life status in less than 140 characters: Raising money via kickstarter to record a new EP with producer Davey Julson-Rieley. Donate here http://kck.st/nSfcT1

Where can we find you? http://www.derekjordanmusic.com/ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/399375510/derek-jordan-recording-new-ep

Derek created the music for a psych alternative MUSIC NOVEL. It’s a five chapter book, each accompanied by a song. This dude’s got some creativity! Also check out the bio on his website… pretty different and REAL. Click to listen to the music from the novel and more! Oh yes, make sure to donate on Kickstarter.

Ice Cream Fire

What do you do?
Rock your socks off.  We’re into music, the arts, parties, and (body) parts.  Also rhyme and Tenacious D quotes.  We do all of them.  Most of us have day jobs we are still stuck at, but when we’re not paying bills, we’re writing, recording, rehearsing, or performing together.  We support local bands, going out to shows while promoting our band by passing out our flyers and demos around the Sunset Strip and Venice Beach.  Several times a week, we get together for “official band business,” but we’re all friends so we hang out all the time anyway, always joking around and busting balls.  We can be huge TV and film geeks and some of us are die-hard MMA fans so we’ll get together to watch UFC.  Jackie (our lead singer) does a lot of solo Jazz performances around LA and uses that as a platform to promote Ice Cream Fire.  Pretty much everything we do now we try to twist into a way to feed the band and make this thing grow.  

Sum up L.A. in 3 words or less: Fake. Plastic. Trees.

Give me your life status in less than 140 characters:Hustling for a little Ice Cream Fire flavor in this world so you all can know what we already do: It’s about making waves, not riding them.

Where can we find you? Performing all around Los Angeles and the Southern California area at venues including The Viper Room, House of Blues, Key Club, Paladino’s, Harper’s, and the Roxy.  We’re headlining The Roxy Theatre on September 10th at 10:30pm.  Jackie performs Jazz classics at least once a month with Marty & Elayne from the movie “Swingers” at The Dresden in Los Feliz.  You can always find us at www.IceCreamFire.com and on Facebook (facebook.com/IceCreamFire) and Twitter (@IceCreamFire).

What really stood out to me about Ice Cream Fire were two things: 1. They are truly pursuing music as a team, which I am a huge fan of. 2. If I hadn’t heard Ice Cream Fire’s music prior to writing this blog, I would have wondered how a jazz singer could be incorporated into this solid rock band. Wow, Jackie, pretty freaking cool! Friend them! Find them! This band worth following!

Check out some of their tracks!

Nicole Lexi Davis

What do you do? I’m a professional acoustic singer/songwriter touring this summer on the east coast.

Sum up L.A. in 3 words or less: A Freaking Continent 

Give me your life status in less than 140 characters: I’m a new college grad, transitioning caterpillar style, just trying to make ends meet doing what I love (music) in the city I love

Where can we find you? http://www.nicolelexidavis.com/ is a pretty good way to see where I’m headed next and when I’m performing.

Catch Nicole on tour this summer or in one of the many places she plays around in L.A. Nicole’s lyrics and melodies are sweet, just as she is. Best of luck on your tour!

Richard Cooper

What do you do? I live my life trying to help other people. Help them when they’re down sure, but I try to motivate people to work along side other people in manner that is and for something they feel passionate. Oh, and I am a music maker.

Sum up L.A. in 3 words or less: Heaven and Hell

Give me your life status in less than 140 characters: Chasing pretty girls, rocking out, business, running from police, praying for friends and family, travelling, and loving.

Where can we find you? www.CoopMusic247.com

They don’t come nicer than Richard. If what you do is motivate and help those around you, then life will keep on taking you on the right track. But about the running from police thing… hmm, maybe I should just let him answer that question for you.

Sam Luna

What do you do? live life to the fullest

Sum up L.A. in 3 words or less: concrete, smog, opportunity

Give me your life status in less than 140 characters: My name is Sam Luna I was born on a navajo and hopi reservation. I have been traveling around this country spreading love through art and music for the last 6 years. I love high fives and smiling! I,m recording my first album and printing my first book and touring the country sharing them. No art No life.

Where can we find you? www.vsalmoonwolf.com  http://kck.st/q3Bi1b 

‘No art, no life’. Might I add ‘yes money’? Sam needs our help on Kickstarter. He’s a very talented singer with a unique sound. Check him out and if you like what you hear, make a pledge!